Do you need to translate a document? No problem!

Translation – English – Slovak and French – Slovak.


Translation services

I provide translation services in the language combination English-Slovak and French-Slovak. By translation I mean a written translation of texts from the source language (the language of the text sent by the client) into the target language (the language of the translated text). For example, if the client needs to translate a text from English to Slovak, the source language is English and the target language is Slovak.

Price of the translation

The price of the translation depends first and foremost on the text length.  Text length is usually determined according to the number of standard pages or the number of words. A standard page consists of 1,800 characters including spaces or 1,500 characters without spaces and it represents approximately 250 words. I charge according to the number of source standard pages. This means that I count the standard pages of the source text (the text sent by the client) and I calculate the total translation price according to the price per standard page.


What you should know

Price per standard page

Prices per standard page are set in the price list (Pricing) and they differ depending on the direction of translation. However, there are certain factors which may affect the final price of the translation, such as complicated formatting, substandard source text quality, exceptionally specialist texts, etc. Depending on these factors the price can be higher.

As much information as possible

It is also highly valuable if the client can provide as much information as possible about the source text, e.g. the author of the text, the author’s intention, time and place of text’s production, addressee or recipient of the text and of the translation, its function.

Certified translation

I do not provide certified translations.